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Compared to Kinekt brand, we offer gear rings with better value for money

Unlike big brands like Kinekt, our Gear Ring Flagship Store offers more affordable gear rings ranging from just $15-25, way below Kinekt’s pricing. We use premium stainless steel and expert electroplating to ensure exceptional quality and value.

Wallet-Friendly Prices

Our gear rings cost $15-25, while Kinekt’s often cost $50+. Our price advantage lets you score industrial punk-styled rings with less damage to your wallet.

Unbeatable Materials and Craftsmanship

We only use high-grade 304 stainless steel, avoiding cheap copper ring issues. Our electroplating makes for an extra glossy, durable finish. Our artisans expertly craft each ring for reliable quality.

Choosing our gear rings gives you superior value. You enjoy premium design without the premium price tag. Gear up with us for quality and savings!

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