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The story originated with a group of young friends, we were all passionate about mechanical industrial punk style design and fascinated by the magic of gears.

Growing up, we were the curious kids who disassembled and reassembled clocks, obsessed with the intricacies of mechanics and the perfect fit of gears. We spent countless evenings and weekends in cramped workshops, immersed in the world of mechanics, piecing together tiny, wonderful mechanisms.

We also had many memorable experiences growing up. I remember one time when we braved a cold night to discover a massive gear machine in an abandoned factory. That machine had once been the splendor of the Industrial Revolution and was now abandoned in a corner. Fascinated by its size and depth, we decided to reinterpret those gears into beautiful and uniquely charming rings.

After months of research and experimentation, we finally created our first gear ring. At that moment, our hearts were filled with pride and excitement because we had not only created a beautiful piece of jewelry, but we had also incorporated our passion for mechanics and creativity into it.

We passed this passion and love on to more people. Through the internet and social media, our gear rings have grown to be recognized and loved worldwide. We received feedback and support from customers from all over the world, which made us even more determined to fulfill our original vision and mission.

Today, our independent mall has grown into a boutique platform specializing in gear rings. We not only offer a wide variety of design styles, but also pursue excellent quality and perfect craftsmanship. We continue to innovate and explore, fusing mechanical craftsmanship with fashionable design to bring you a unique gear ring experience.

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