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Release your anxiety and show your personality. Gears rings bring a sense of freshness and calm. With their spinning and stylish design, they help release stress and anxiety. The sophisticated steampunk style design and superb craftsmanship make it a great choice for fashion accessories.

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Why you love gears ring

  • PREMIUM CRAFTSMANSHIP: Made from premium copper, titanium and stainless steel materials and crafted with CNC cutting and three-dimensional inlays to ensure high quality and durability and non-allergenic reactions to the skin.
  • Stylish designs: from sleek ring structures, precision-cut edges or large princess square-cut stones, each ring features unique design elements to meet different people’s aesthetic preferences and individual needs.
  • Fidget Spinning function: Some of these rings have a spinning function that allows you to move the edge of the ring or the gears, providing a way to release anxiety, relax, and as a stress-free finger toy.
  • Ideal gift: Each ring comes in a beautiful gift box and is suitable for women and men, friends, family, partners and other recipients. Whether for daily wear, special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., or as an anxiety relief tool and for a variety of special occasions.

Welcome to Flagship Gears Ring Store

Gears ring is not only a unique accessory, but also a tool to release stress and anxiety. Spinning gear ring brings pleasant feeling and allows you to relax in your daily life. Gear rings flagship store offers different styles of gear rings and more gear peripheral jewelry, don't hesitate to order now.


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Jack: I love the annoyance ring, it’s a great ring. I fiddle with it during meetings or when I’m sitting in the car bored without being intrusive.


Jerry: Personally, wearing it in my hand is sparkling, sturdy and eye-catching, and my friends have taken a great interest in it as a very special adornment.


Park: I love this ring, it’s a great relief when you spin it and I’d love to have more rings like this in my collection. When people see it spinning, they will be sure to compliment you!


Lisa: This is the first time I bought a ring from and I am very happy with this purchase, it was packaged very delicately and the quality of the ring feels weighty to the touch, it is not too heavy or too light, the design is beautiful and it is exactly like the product picture.


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